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Porch Swing



Jeanne Anne Craig Ph.D.

About Me

Jeanne Anne grew up in Gas City, Indiana and though she has lived away for a number of years, she’s been told she has never lost her small-town Hoosier outlook.  She considers it a compliment.  After graduating from Ball State, she and her roommate Pat decided they wanted to go where there were bright lights, so they made their way to Los Angeles where sister Sue lived with her family.


Jeanne Anne married and has two children and two stepchildren, as well as two grandchildren.  After a year living in Australia, she and her family moved to the Seattle area where she earned an M.Ed at University of Washington and served in the public schools as a school psychologist. And then at an age when many are counting the years (days!) to retirement, Jeanne Anne went back to school and earned a Ph.D. in Human Development at the Fielding Institute. 


The author of the award-winning book, It’s Not How Smart You Are It’s How You Are Smart, Jeanne Anne also loves music, especially barbershop style, and has indulged her hobby by singing in Sweet Adelines choruses and quartets.  She also takes jazz piano lessons. 


The Craig sisters realized they had saved most of the numerous letters their adoring grandmother wrote to them and decided to collaborate on a book using the letters.  The Porch Swing Cookbook was the outcome of that very pleasant venture, as they both felt Grandmother’s presence acutely when writing the book.  They hope it brings you a great deal of pleasure and that you, too will feel Grandmother’s presence when you read it.    

About the Book

 A whimsical collection of letters and recipes from our grandmother from her tiny kitchen in Alexandria, Indiana during the 1960’s. Her letters are full of smalltown stories and retro recipes. From Cheatin’ Biscuits to Murder Weapon Bread, Irrationally Pickled Beets and More’s the Pity Corned Beef Hash, Grandmother was a colorful character who put her own spin on things. Her stories are at once heartwarming, eccentric and laugh-out-loud funny.

The Porch Swing Cookbook,

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